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This is for a dog being groomed regularly who would like a freshen up inbetween a full groom. This is also available for smooth coated breeds that require minimal brushing/drying. Nails included if applicable. They recieve a warm fresh water wash,  facial foam wash, and hand shampoo with one of the progroom range  of shampoo's or a medicated shampoo if required, we finish with a gentle de-tangler conditioner and a warm hand rinse.  They are then shammy and towel dried prior to their blow dry.  After blow dry we will brush and comb/f depending on coat type .  Hygeine areas will be tidied if applicable


 Regular( 4-8 weeks)

This includes full brushing combing clipping scissoring shaping washing drying and nails. 

If we find fleas on your pet we will automatically give them a flea rinse to rid them of the pesky critters, however their will be a extra charge of $5.00 for the rinse.  Staff will then be happy to discuss with you various options of keeping your pet and home flea free.


This type of work takes a lot of extra time and therefore will be charged accordingly. Heavy matting pulls on the dog and requires a slow and  extra careful clip, often uncomfortable for the dog.  Removing mountains of undercoat is taxing on all, it can take several hours, and we (both human and canine) need breaks inbetween!! Price on application. App